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Furley Park Primary School

An overview….

Furley Park Primary School – a modern two form entry school building in the heart of Ashford Rural Cluster had historic issues with the use of wireless devices due to the in-house deployment of Wireless Access Points (WAP’s) throughout the teaching areas.

As part of huge development of the ICT provision within the school, a full Managed Wireless Network was designed for the specific needs of the school, namely to operate with 20-30 laptop devices within each and every classroom space.

The project….

To install a robust Managed Wireless network so as to blanket cover the entire school, whilst providing appropriate availability within the classrooms for 20-30 devices. New high level data cables were also required along with the utilisation of Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology so as to negate the additional need and cost of power sockets.

Within any school environment the understanding of an educational network is of fundamental importance. A school is unique in the manner in which the computers are used, from multiple simultaneous logins, to the need for a robust and problem free environment. In this case a Managed Wireless network was created with the controller being based within the server room.  Via new high level Cat 5e UTP data cabling a total of 31 WAP’s were then deployed throughout the site, configured in a fully secure manner so as to give the school piece of mind along with the ease of management.

Networks are an evolving entity and over time they can become confused in their make up. In a project such as this, the complete site network is evaluated in order to ensure that a suitable and scaleable design is deployed.
In the case of Furley Park a number of the fundamental building blocks were already firmly in place. With the desire to create a robust and “available” wireless network within the school, the ultimate aim was to promote the use of ICT within the classrooms, so as to ensure that the teacher and children’s’ experience is the best it can possibly be.

In order to meet the school very tight project timescale the complete system was installed over the course of a single weekend, with all cabling, switching and WAP’s configured and ready to go for the start of the school week



Everything was cleared up and taken care of beautifully at the weekend.  Myself and Martin (ICT Consultant) were in first thing on Monday morning, between us we got ALL our main laptops on the new wireless without a hitch. By the afternoon one of the KS1 teachers was thrilled to say the whole set of 15 laptops had connected to the CC4 network no problem and ran a successful lesson, whereas in the past we were lucky to get half a dozen on due to wireless bandwidth conflicts that wouldn't allow us to connect to the network. – Donna Rogers, Digital Learning Facilitator.