Stoke Park Infants School

An overview….

Stoke Park Infants School in Eastleigh, Hampshire is a building of immense character designed and built some 30 years ago. With a central circular hall, the office and classroom areas are effectively built around it as two story pods. At the point of construction no consideration was paid to the practical installation of new services throughout the site, with the addition of such now creating significant challenges.


The project….

To install site wide data cabling, enabling a new server based ICT system to be delivered into each and every teaching and management area. Within each classroom, provision was to be made for the networking of the PC controlling the already installed Interactive White Boards. In the workgroup and communal areas data points where required so as to meet the current and future needs of the school.

Within any school environment the understanding of an educational network is of fundamental importance. A school is unique in the manner in which the computers are used, from multiple simultaneous logins, to the need for a robust and problem free environment. In this case a new data cabinet was created within a secure location to act as the emanation point for the existing and new Cat 5E UTP data outlets. New network switches were installed within the said cabinet so as to allow the new localised File Server to connect at Gigabit, whilst providing a fully switched network to all other connected positions.

With the challenges of the design and construction of the building, the network was planned from a blank canvas. All locations had to have containment installed to them as no voids exist, whilst ensuring that any such additions to the site are installed in a manner to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible.
In addition to the Wired Network, Wireless Access Points were also installed so as to offer flexibility of use of such locations as the staffroom and resources area.

With an installation such as this, where you are effectively working throughout the complete site a school holiday installation is preferred. Over the course of the February half term, the project was implemented ensuring the site was fully functional and ready for the children and staff to return in the new term.

We will now be able to access a wealth of resources on the internet, as well as ensure that internal resources, planning and assessment information is made easily and readily available to staff.  We are all very excited about the developments that are taking place here and thank you for making the "messy" bit very smooth and trouble-free! - Stoke Park Infants ICT Co-ordinator